Funny, Dedicated and a Compassionate Woman Leader 


When I was 14, facing many barriers and adversaries, I would have never believed I would be the Woman I am today. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful. Just as many people paved the way for me, many invested in my passion, while others made space for me at the decision making table.  That's why I am dedicated to educating and serving in my community, but also committed to helping others reach their potential the lives of all community members, one issue at a time.


As a mother, a wife and dedicated community leader, I have spent most of my life serving in any community I live in. From educating voters, neighborhood clean-up projects, creek clean-ups, mentoring youth though sports, to advocating for small businesses, housing protections, Women's and LBGTQ Rights, to working on policies in the California State Assembly. I have a unique lens and perspective addressing the needs of our community. 


I look forward to connecting, learning and making a difference together.


Thank you!



Shay Franco-Clausen | (408) 389-4492