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Get active, Get Involved !

Shay cannot represent people she doesn't know, in all the roles she holds!


Shay loves getting families, friends, students, elected officials and community leaders, outside and engaged with local residents about their issues, concerns and solutions that impacts everyone in the community.


Shay is dedicated to empowering families, youth, survivors and people, from all walks of life, to get educated and vocal, putting the people back into policy.

So how much do you want change? Do you want leadership to reflect your voice? Then join Shay in taking back our communities, by volunteering and learning how you can make little to big change in your community. So now ARE YOU READY?

Shay No on Measure B
I am dedicated to creating a pipeline of community leaders, no matter where you are in your journey, we need to have all voices at the table.
 If you are interested in getting involved in your community outcomes, collaborate, join me today!

NOTE: Our team only expects volunteers to perform whatever is in their comfort zone, as we believe in the importance of allowing everyone to contribute their own skills and take something away from this experience.

Shay Franco-Clausen | She/Her | (408) 389-4492

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