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"I am just trying to be the Women I wished I would of met at 14."

I have been a long time champion and advocate for protecting young girls and boys, understanding the intersection

Like so many families, relocating from the Midwest and Southern states looking for a safe place to raise their family. During that time, San José welcomed our family and provided economic and academic opportunities. Now, raising my family in San José, I am standing up to protect those same opportunities many families of San José need and deserve.

As our city continues to grow, we are facing new challenges that continue to cause me great concern for families like yours and mine. The growing issue of affordable housing, the lack of high quality careers opportunities for our children and the policy decisions that is impacting the quality of life many working class families face, I had to stand up and take a strong stance on protecting those who built this great city.


I am currently serving my 5th year on the Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women, and 2017 elected as Chair, working to empower women and provide equal spaces for Queer Women of Color, around wage inequity and injustices we continue to face in Santa Clara County. Having the opportunity to help organize and lead the first Women's March San José, in 2017, honored with being the Keynote Speaker, gave me a space to uplift, encourage, and sustain more than 35,000 people in our beloved city, in a time of political contention. In San Jose, with so many


My children are deserve a bright future in the same neighborhoods and City they are growing up in. My children work in local businesses, go to local schools and attend local colleges. I am the married to a dedicated Law Enforcement Officer and a woman endeavoring to be the second ever member of the LGBTQ community to run as an open Lesbian and get elected to public office.